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The famous enterprises in GZ headquarters, technological innovation, project construction is the key

日期: 2016-02-25
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Guangzhou city development and reform commission yesterday issued 2 notices, < Guangzhou 2016 key construction projects > and < Guangzhou 2016 key construction projects preparation plan >. According to the plan, Guangzhou this year will invest 105.6 billion yuan into 186 projects to promote the 3 strategic hubs engineering construction: the international shipping hub, international aviation hub and international scientific and technological innovation hub. 2 tunnels between Haizhu zone and Tianhe zone will be built this year, tunnel of Chebei road - Xinjiao east road, and tunnel of Machang road – Haizhou road, these 2 tunnels make it convenient to the Pazhou Internet innovation agglomeration district travel.

1. international shipping hub construction

This year, Guangzhou will start 10 projects, the new Guangzhou port deepwater channel widening project, Guangzhou Nansha Port International Automobile Logistics Industrial Park facilities wharf engineering, the 1st phase of the Guangzhou Nansha international cruise terminal complex project, to accelerate 11 projects, the 3rd phase project of Guangzhou Nansha port, Pearl Bay Bridge, Nansha District (FTA) municipal road and Bridge network engineering, Nansha New Area (FTA) comprehensive renovation project of urban landscape etc.

2. international aviation hub construction

This year, Guangzhou will be the newly started construction of SF (Guangzhou), southern China Air Express transit center project, Guangzhou Airport Economic Zone in Australia and New Zealand since Trade Industrial Park and other three projects, and accelerate the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport expansion project to promote, airport second expressway (northern line) and other five project.

3. international science and Technology Innovation Hub Construction

To accelerate the international scientific and technological innovation hub construction this year Guangzhou key construction. This year, the Guangzhou city will be newly started construction of China Mobile (Guangzhou) data center project, Guangzhou CNC industrial robot industrial park, Alibaba South China operation center, Tencent Guangzhou headquarters building, Guangdong millet Internet Industrial Park and other 16 projects, of which, including China Unicom Haizhu District, Tianhe District Jubei road - Xinjiao road tunnel, race course road, Haizhou road tunnel. At the same time will also in Huangpu District and Haizhu District in the new knowledge of the city infrastructure construction projects, the State Intellectual Property Office of the Patent Office patent examination cooperation center of Guangdong, Guangzhou mobile production command center project.

4. key functional areas of Construction Engineering

Wisdom complex built underground headquarters this year, Guangzhou will start the construction of Linjiang Avenue, east line extension, Guangzhou City Han Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Guerlain beauty cosmetics chain Co., Ltd. headquarters project 4 projects, and promote the Guangzhou International Financial City starting area part of the public space and public facilities projects, Guangzhou restful Finance building, the provincial cast iron, the Pearl River Delta Intercity Rail transit dispatch and command center, the Tianhe District Tan Cun "urban village" transformation project, Xiancun "urban village" transformation project construction of resettlement area construction engineering, Guangzhou Tianhe City core area, software park Gaotang New Development Zone software industry focused Incubation Center (phase III), China Southern Airlines building 14 projects.

5. major infrastructure projects

Including six rail line two, line seven, line nine phase, Guangfo line, line four South extension section of No. eight line north extension section of No. thirteen, first line, line fourteen, line fourteen line, line twenty-one, line eleven, 11 city rail transportation hub construction projects continue to advance, and wide clear intercity GuangZhou North Railway Station to Qingyuan section (Guangzhou section), the Pearl River Delta Intercity through XintangBaiyun Airport to the north of Guangzhou, Foshan west station to Guangzhou South Railway Station Guangfo line (Guangzhou section), the Buddha Dongguan Guangzhou South Station intercity Wang Hong (Guangzhou section), Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen Xintang to Hongmei section (Guangzhou section) 5 intercity rail transit hub construction project progress, and the national railway hub construction project of Guangzhou railway hub trucks outside the Northeast winding, Guangzhou South Railway Station area underground space and municipal facilities project, GuangZhou North Railway Station integrated transport hub, transportation hub in eastern Guangzhou Center complex (Kedar hub International Plaza) 3 integrated transport hub construction, Huadu Dongguan expressway, Guangzhou City, Lantau Peak tunnel engineering and other 6 high-speed expressway network construction, Montevideo road in Guangzhou Road (Liuhua Lake Tunnel, Tianhe North Road - Luoxi Bridge) fast transformation systems engineering - Jinsui road Luo the river bridge north of 5 municipal facilities construction projects, Guangzhou Power Grid Engineering 3 energy security comprehensive treatment project, Li Hang factory in Guangzhou City, East Ho Chung deep tunnel drainage system in Guangzhou City engineering test section 11 ecological civilization construction, Whampoa District Wen Chong (Petrochemical Road West) "and the construction of urban village reconstruction project 5 city renovation project in advance.

Guangzhou this year will accelerate the advancement and the construction of Guangzhou Huadu City of culture and tourism, long international ecological tourist resort, the gull island ecological tourism island construction and renovation projects 15 modern service industry engineering, Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. annual production capacity of 24 million sets of gasoline engine construction project, Guangzhou International Automotive Industry base and other six advanced manufacturing engineering, Tsinghua Science Park of Guangzhou innovation base, mobile base in the south, Guangzhou BaiyunshanJigong pharmaceutical factory to reform a project such as seven strategic emerging industry engineering, in the pay of the group of the South headquarters base, Netease's headquarters, Jingdong e-commerce in South China headquarters six headquarters economic projects.

edition A14, Feb. 19th 2016


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