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Focus on Nansha, promote the development of the FTA construction and development

日期: 2016-02-25
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"Summit forum: focus on Nansha, promote the development of the FTA construction and development" held today.

On the morning of December 22, "focus on Nansha, promote Free Trade Zone Development Summit Forum" held in Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center. The forum by the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, municipal government organized, Guangzhou Nansha Development Area (FTA) CMC contractor, the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce Co.



Guangzhou Municipal Committee, the Nansha Development Zone (FTA) CMC director, party secretary Ding Hong attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He pointed out that Nansha port is located in the Pearl River Delta, is the hub of the connection of both sides of the Pearl River Estuary city group, port shoreline resource rich Pearl River Delta, backed by world-class manufacturing base and the city has a population of 60 million group, richly endowed by nature geographical and resource advantages, shoulder to create the future of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, a new round of opening up a major platform, a significant historical mission in twenty-first Century the construction of strategic hub for the maritime Silk Road. In the country, province, city attach great importance and concern and support, Guangzhou, Nansha in 2012 and 2014 have been approved by the national and district free trade zone, the new "double" advantages, strategic development, and Shanghai Pudong, Tianjin Binhai standing together in a new round of the national high level of opening up in the forefront, the formation of a booming The good momentum of development. At present, the Nansha free trade zone construction good start smoothly, in the overall planning. The effectiveness of previews, established Nansha FTA pilot area construction project, 7 blocks of 60 square kilometers, three years of development and construction plan and construction plan in 2015, each block development and construction in full swing. Docking the prevailing rules of international trade and investment, to the negative list as the core of the investment management system has been basically established, the implementation of negative list management unified for foreign and domestic investment projects, the establishment of enterprises registered an acceptance of e-government system, "according to a code" reform first in the country to expand to industry and commerce, quality supervision, 8 Department of the customs clearance system. The construction of the trade facilitation oriented and made great progress in international trade, accelerate the construction of "single window", the implementation of the customs clearance mechanism and international transport of goods quickly through self-help The new model, improve customs clearance time of more than 50%. With the transformation of government functions as the focus of the things in the post regulatory system to further improve the market supervision, launched the construction of information platform, the implementation of credit classification supervision to more than 4 households commercial subjects, is to build a free trade zone. The comprehensive law enforcement agency in the high-end industrial agglomeration, has the introduction of action plan for the construction of an international shipping center for three years, completed the construction of three Nansha port, to carry out the DIT international transit delay, vehicle import car, parallel imports and other innovative businesses. A short years, has gathered 537 financial and financial institutions, the four major state-owned commercial banks have set up Nansha FTA test (a distinction), involving a total amount of RMB cross-border loans has reached 5 billion 13 million yuan. At the same time in 89 financial leasing companies, leasing companies and the number of business accounted for half of Guangzhou city. Bohai first SPV aircraft leasing Have been put to use, to achieve zero breakthrough. Guangzhou aircraft leasing has 550 cross-border business enterprise registration, inspection and quarantine departments in B2B, B2C imports exceeded $100 million. In the construction of regional transportation hub, is speeding up a total investment of 156 billion 100 million yuan to promote the 38 major infrastructure projects, and promote the accelerated regional center that is speeding up port, rail transportation, highway and municipal road construction. In the momentum of economic development, the first three quarters of 2015, GDP growth remained above 13.7%, the growth rate is still in Guangzhou first, fixed asset investment growth of 45.1%; public budget revenues increased by 17.8%; the total import and export of nearly 20%. this year the newly established enterprises 6414 home, an increase of 281%; the new total registered capital of about 83000000000 yuan, an increase of 335%; invested 5 million yuan more than 371 projects under construction, involving a total investment of 155 billion 700 million yuan, the regional economic approach The engine role gradually. Looking to the future, Nansha will be facing the world, Guangdong opening to create a major platform for the goal, and actively docking state "The Belt and Road" strategy, give full play to the national district, the FTA test area, development zone, independent innovation demonstration zone, power source and growth pole effect to institutional innovation as the core, to strengthen the function as the focal point, to promote the construction of FTA test area at the forefront of the country. In terms of system innovation, will establish high standards of investment and trade rules and international standards, and create a market, internationalization, legal environment, and actively build business environment reform of the highlands and highlands. Improvement in regional function, according to the province, to create the idea of "five big" leading the development and demonstration zone requirements, build the core functional areas of Guangzhou "three center system" and the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, build Guangzhou international shipping hub, International Aviation Hub, main bearing area of international science and technology innovation hub, as well as the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt "and" combined with the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road "and an important hub. In terms of industrial development, development of port equipment manufacturing industry and cross-border business and other strategic emerging industries as the focus, to enhance the core competitiveness of the regional industry in the city. Construction, will make full use of high-quality ecological resources, promoting the city function and city high standard quality. After the reform experiment of three to five years, Nansha will be built to meet the high standards of the international legal environment norms, investment and trade facilitation, radiation driven features prominent, safe and efficient supervision of the free trade zone, become the modern industry to new heights the productive service industry as the leading industry and with the world's advanced level of integrated services hub. Finally, he said that Nansha as the country's new round of reform and opening up the frontier And the future of the city of Guangzhou, is being released from the endless vitality and business opportunities. And we sincerely hope that friends concerned about the Nansha Islands, the Nansha to Nansha investment industrial, common development, sincerely welcome the majority of outstanding overseas students to Nansha business, rooted in Nansha, Nansha dedication, for the development of Nansha injected new vitality.



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